Dyson DC08 Contacthead Floor Nozzle or Tool

The DC08 and The DC08T –  2 Very Different Models

A lot of Dyson DC08 owners are not aware that there are two different types of these hard working machines – the DC08  and the DC08T. The DC08 has 6 variants available and the DC08T, the Telescopic Wrap Around as it is popularly known has 4 variants. Each variant comes in a different colour combination!

Dyson DC08

Dyson DC08

So you already have the machine, the issue now is in choosing the replacement parts! As mentioned above there are basically two models, the DC08 which has an aluminium wand and the DC08T – the Telescopic Wrap shown below. The two models use slightly different tools. The tools are exactly the same except for the different size necks – same colour schemes, same names.

A lot of people have been caught out on that one!

Forget The Colours.

Yes when it comes to the variants and tools forget the colours! If you have a DC08 – it matters not what colour they are basically the same machine. There are some slight differences which don’t change anything – like the Post Filters.

And when it comes to floor nozzles forget the colours too. Dyson has rationalized the colour schemes for the older machine parts. What that means is Floor Tools / Nozzles now come in the Steel / Grey shades, not the multi-coloured yellow, purple, lime etc. The rule of the thumb is: the DC08T Floor Nozzle has a smaller diameter neck and the DC08 – without a T (which stands for Telescopic ) has a larger diameter neck. The two are not interchangeable!


Dyson DC08T


So next time you are shopping for a Floor Nozzle, be it the standard contacthead or the turbine head make sure to choose the correct one. You can get the contacthead floor nozzle for the DC08T here.


Good luck and enjoy your Dyson!

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